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Bed Bugs:

They  are clearly a growing problem. Problems first began appearing in hotels, then in apartments, and college campuses. We are now seeing more and more single family homes that are infested with bed bugs.

Discovery of them:

What should you do if you discover you have bed bugs in your home? First try to take
some satisfaction, if you can, in knowing that you are not alone. It may also help you to
know that your home does not become infested because your house is dirty or because
of your social status. Bed bugs do not discriminate between a low-income apartment
or the estate of one of the rich and famous.

Good News:

The good news is that there are many tools and tactics to kill bed bugs.The bad news is
that,in many situations, eradication of bed bugs can be difficult and time consuming, and
almost always requires professional help.


The complete elimination of bed bugs requires highly trained and licensed individuals knowledgeable in bed bug biology, behavior, and the proper use of pesticides.

There is  little chance that you will be able to eliminate the problem on your own. Most
over-the-counter pesticides are not designed for bed bugs and the use of these products,
while they may kill some bed bugs is unlikely to eliminate most bed bug infestations, and
may only spread the bugs.

The main reason to use a professional to control bed bugs is that success requires
knowledge and experience in finding all the potentially infested sites, and in using the latest tools to eliminate them.

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Bed Bugs